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They help connect people and improve productivity by ensuring everyone is focused on the priorities of the business.But the logistics of getting everyone together can be complex and costly, especially if people are in different offices across multiple locations.Enter Lifesize Live Stream — presentations come alive and employees are engaged when speakers can be seen on video, share their screens and answer real-time questions.Take your event beyond the office by live streaming to tens, hundreds or even thousands of people.Lifesize Cloud free trial Lifesize Cloud is a blend of software, hardware, service and UX and is a service that provides a connected experience to anyone using smartphones, tablets, laptops and especially conference rooms.Calls via desktop app or your browser via Lifesize Cloud Web App with up to 40 participants.

Lifesize Live Streaming Stream, Record and Share Company-wide meetings, executive updates and training sessions are critical communication events for any organization.Lifesize, which initially made its money selling on-premises video conferencing equipment, has spent more than two years transitioning its business model to cloud-based services.The improvements the company is making to its offerings will help Lifesize's efforts gain traction in a cloud-based conferencing market that CEO Craig Malloy said is a .4 billion opportunity.Make your online meetings effortless with Amazon Chime. Meetings call you, and with a single tap or click, you can join or notify participants that you’re running late.A visual roster shows who is in the meeting and who is running late, and allows anyone to mute background noise.