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He averaged 15.5 points a game and shot 35% from 3 for a 17-win Lakers team in his second season.By July 2016 he was rumored to be living with Kendall Jenner. His numbers dipped during the ’16-’17 season as the Lakers improved to 26 wins, but earlier this month he was seen at Six Flags with Bella Thorne. As a predominantly Muslim country, it is highly important to respect the rules and guidelines that Egypt has in place.No, it's not a requirement for a woman to cover her head (even many Egyptian women don't), but showing legs and arms is definitely iffy.As a Middle Eastern, predominately Muslim nation, Egypt is not the biggest partying and drinking destination in the world.There are a variety of clubs, discos, casinos and bars, but it's not a huge part of the culture.

The man, 35, suffered a gunshot to his chest, while the woman was struck in the leg.That being said, Egypt is full of life and there are many other things to do for nightly entertainment while you are in Egypt.Coffeeshops and local hangouts in Egypt are open until the early hours of the morning serving sheesha, food and hot beverages.During his rookie season he averaged 11.9 points, 3.5 assists and 3.2 rebounds on a 21-win Lakers team.By the offseason he was reportedly dating SI Swim model Chanel Iman.