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With her 42nd birthday approaching on August 30, the actress is dismissing Hollywood's obsession with youth and embracing growing older with pride and an eagerness to try something new.

James Franco and Seth Rogen had to survive in the wild in the altogether in an episode of Discovery's "Naked and Afraid" series.

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They starred together in two Charlie's Angels films. It seems as if Drew has been focusing on life as a mother as of late as last month she posted precious pictures of the lunches she packs for her kids, as well as the barbecue chicken she made, and the muffins she helped her little ones whip up.In fact, as she says, we’re getting The Full Diaz: She can’t mean "everything," because that would surely garner Sex Tape an NC-17 rating, and a classification as porn.But these quotes are a sure-fire way to market an adult comedy that will be arriving in theaters at a time when the film industry will need a goose following a glut of effects-driven blockbusters like Hercules and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Seeing Jason Segel nude is nothing new.The reality star became famous with a sex tape and stayed famous with her reality show and photos such as this one, which she did for W magazine in 2010.Though Kardashian later said she didn't think she'd ever pose nude again, she still frequently posts the next best thing on her Instagram account.